GovTech to Process Will County Property Tax Payments

Will County Treasurer Steve Weber, CPA, announced that his office has selected GovTech Services of Olive, Iowa to process online property tax payments through 2021. Under the agreement, GovTech will process credit and debit card payments using secure internet, pay-by-phone, and in-person transactions.

Weber said:

Our new payment solution has all of the services people have asked for, and they will pay lower fees to use it. Property owners can make installment payments, schedule payments in the future, and use a shopping cart to pay taxes if they own more than one parcel. We’ve opened up the ability for Mobile Home owners to pay online for the first time. And we will deploy tap-and-pay technology found in smartphones.


The main reason for these changes is to save people money. Not everyone can pay property taxes the way Illinois law demands. People need options, and we’re doing our part to help.

Escrow Property Taxes without a Bank

For the very first time, Will County property owners will have the ability to pay their property taxes as a monthly installment. Recurring payments—like an escrow—allows property owners to take control of how much they pay and how often. Beginning in May 2019, property owners can schedule periodic payments in an amount they choose, even if the amount does not completely pay their tax bill. Property owners will be responsible for any outstanding tax, if they do not schedule the total payment.

Schedule Payments and Forget It

Will County property taxes are due in two installments. The new system allows property owners to schedule those payments to take place automatically. For example, an owner can schedule the first installment in May from a checking account and the second installment in August from a credit card. Another example might be to pay the entire tax bill at one time. The system is flexible.

Shopping Cart to Pay Multiple Properties with One Transaction

In the past, people who own multiple properties, such as a home and a rental, must make multiple payments online. This is inconvenient, and even difficult if there are many rental properties. Beginning in May 2019, property owners can build a shopping cart of the parcels they own, save that data into a user profile, and associate a payment method. When the time comes to make the payment, the owner checks out of the shopping cart like many online stores.

Mobile Home Tax Payments Accepted Online

A major request of Mobile Home owners in Will County has been to pay their taxes online. Beginning in February 2019, Mobile Home owners can pay their taxes online using credit or debit cards, or from a checking account. The same shopping cart and schedule payment features available to homeowners are available to Mobile Home owners as well.

Apple Pay and Android Pay

As the general public moves towards mobile payment technologies, Will County property owners expect similar convenience. Beginning in May 2019, property tax payments make in the Will County Treasurer’s Office will include Near Field Technology. This means that users of Apple Pay and Android Pay (as examples) can tap and pay their taxes in the same way they might at a department store or restaurant.

Reduced Convenience Fees

Will County Treasurer Steve Weber believes that the public deserves the best service at the best price. Since becoming Treasurer in 2010, Weber has reduced and eliminated fees paid by the public.

Under the new agreement with GovTech, added functionality will come at a reduced cost compared to previous years. Credit card fees will fall to 2.28% from 2.5% in 2010. The $1.50 per transaction feel for  E-Check and ACH payments has been eliminated.

About the Will County Treasurer’s Office

The Will County Treasurer’s Office is the county’s bank, managing over $2.2-billion in public funds. They receive tax revenue and other funds, and distribute that money according to the law. The office also manages long-term debt, pays bills, and invests cash.