Investment Report for September 2018

This report examines the performance of the public funds currently invested by the Will County Treasurer’s Office. This narrative covers investment activity and performance in September 2018.

Total Investment Portfolio

The county’s total holdings at the end of September had a market value of $321.8-million. Excluding cash, the Treasurer’s Office has invested $260.5-million (80.9%) across a variety of fixed income security types. The total portfolio has a Yield-to-Maturity of 2.01% with an average maturity of 2.6 years.

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Benchmark Performance

The Will County Treasurer’s Investment Policy sets two benchmarks against which we compare the performance of our investments.

  1. The 90-Day Average of the 1-Year Treasury Bill as quoted by the U.S. Treasury Department
  2. The 90-Day Average of the 3-Year Treasury Note as quoted by the U.S. Treasury Department

We use these two benchmarks because they closely relate to the length of time we hold an investment.

County’s Levy Distribution

The Treasurer’s Office will collect and distribute approximately $1.87-billion in real estate property taxes this calendar year. Will County receives a portion of the levy distribution as a taxing body itself.

Our office has invested our target of $70-million for cash reserves. We invest in high-quality commercial bonds, municipal bonds, US Treasuries, and negotiable certificates of deposit. Over the next nine months, we will generate $1,731,872 in interest income for the County, a yield of 2.4583%.

Diversification Across Brokers

Our office awarded investments to seven (7) different brokers or bank trust departments this year.

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