Frequently asked questions:

Are There Any Liens Against My Property?
Can I Pay My Tax Bill Online With My Local Bank?
Can I Make Partial Payments Towards My Taxes?
Can I Prepay My Taxes?
Do You Honor Postmark If I Pay By U.S. Mail?
Does a Late Payment or Non-Payment Affect My Credit Rating?
Has My Deed Been Recorded?

How Do I Change My Mailing Address or Name on the Tax Bill?
How Do I Register For the Tax Sale?
How Do I Submit A Freedom of Information Request?
I Applied for the Senior Freeze Exemption; How Could My Tax Bill Go Up?
I Bought My Property After Tax Bills Were Mailed – How do I get my bill?
I Did Not Live at the Property in 2020, Why Did I Receive the 2020 Levy Tax Bill?
I Lost My Payment Stubs – What Should I Do?
I Never Received My Tax Bill – What Should I Do?
I Mailed My Payment on the Due Date, But I Received Another Bill Showing a Balance Due, Why?
I Own Multiple Properties In Will County, Can I Pay Them With One Check?
I Received a Tax Bill For a Property I No Longer Own, What Should I Do?
If I Pay By Mail, How Can I Get a Receipt?
Is There a Charge For a Copy of My Bill?
Is There Any Assistance to Help Pay My Taxes?
My Mortgage Company and I Each Paid on the Same Installment, Now What?
My Mortgage Company Pays My Taxes, Why Did I Get a Bill?
My Property Value Went Down, But My Tax Bill Went Up, Why?
My Tax Bill Seems Too High, How Can I Make Sure It’s Correct?
What If I Am Unable to Pay My Taxes – Will I Lose My Property?
What Exemptions Do I Qualify For?
What Is My Parcel Identification Number (PIN)?
Who Do I Contact With Questions About My Bill?