Starting May 1, 2019, our office will use GovTech Services to process all online property tax payments. They will process credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks (“E-Checks” from your checking or savings account) using a secure internet site accessed through our website.

Will County property taxes are due in two installments. Property owners will have the option of scheduling the two installment payments to take place automatically, such as out of a checking or savings account, or a credit or debit card. You will have the ability to select the date of payment, or pay the entire tax bill at one time. Keep in mind any payments scheduled after the due date will result in late fees.

Another feature is that property owners will have the ability to pay their property taxes as a recurring monthly payment in order to take control of how much they pay and how often. Again, you would be responsible for paying any balance due after the due date, as well as late fees.

If you own multiple properties, beginning May 1, 2019 property owners can build a “shopping cart” of the parcels they own, save that data into a user profile they create, and associate a payment method. When the time comes to make the payment, the owner checks out of the shopping cart just like many online stores.

Credit and debit card fees will be lower than previous years, 2.28% of the payment amount. There is NO FEE if you pay from your checking or savings account with an E-Check.