In 2015, Will County Treasurer Steve Weber, CPA, announced that his office has selected Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (NYSE: WFC) to process the office’s $125-million online property tax payment system. Under the three year agreement, taxpayers will see an end to eCheck convenience fees, an improved online payment system, credit card acceptance in the Treasurer’s Office, and bi-lingual pay by phone.

On benefits to Will County Property Owners, Steve Weber said:

I believe it sends the wrong message when the county charges property owners a fee to pay their property taxes online. Since becoming Treasurer, I have reduced credit card fees by 10%. This year, we eliminated all fees for eCheck and ACH payments online.

We now accept partial tax payments online as well as in our office. You shouldn’t be penalized for trying to pay your property taxes in a way that works for your family’s budget.

On the partnership with Wells Fargo, Steve Weber said:

We chose Wells Fargo because they share our vision on how a county should collect property tax payments. It should be simple and easy to use, affordable, and automate as much as possible for both the customer and the back-office staff.

Over the next two years, we plan to fundamentally change the way Will County collects, processes and distributes property taxes. I want to create a model system, and believe we have the best partner possible in Wells Fargo.

On the partnership with Will County, Peter Pulos, Senior Vice President and Regional Treasury Manager for Midwest Government Banking at Wells Fargo said:

Wells Fargo is privileged to be chosen as a trusted financial services partner of Will County. Our focus is on helping our customers succeed financially. We will support Will County’s electronic payments strategy by providing financial services that enable the county to utilize the Web and electronic payments as its primary methods for tax collection.

Benefits and Features of New Program

In addition to being able to pay more than one parcel at a time, as well as making a partial tax payment, there are additional benefits to the new payment program.

  • Free eCheck and ACH Payments – Will County Property Owners will not be charged a convenience fee to pay their property taxes online when using an eCheck or making an ACH payment. This fee has been as much as $1.50 per transaction in past years.
  • Simplified Online Payment System – The Wells Fargo Payment Gateway is an easier to use online payment processing system. Will County Property Owners will have better reporting, more reliable payment confirmations, and a simplified payment experience.
  • Improved Pay-By-Phone – For the second year, Will County Property Owners can pay their property taxes by phone using a checking or savings account. The system is more responsive, easier to use, and includes a Spanish-language option.

Other Features and Benefits

Beginning this year, Will County Property Owners can choose how much of their property tax bill they would like to pay. Property Owners can make a partial payment online or using Pay-By-Phone just as if they can when mailing a payment or making a payment at the County Building.

In addition to partial payments, both the online system and Pay-By-Phone allow Property Owners to pay a different parcel in an easier manner. In the second phase of implementation, Property Owners will be able to pay taxes on as many parcels as they want in just one transaction.

The Treasurer’s Office accepts Debit Card payments from 12 regional and national debit networks, including Armed Forces Financial Network, STAR, and NYCE. The Treasurer’s Office will continue offering Discover Card payments in its office but not online.