Will County Treasurer Steve Weber shaved $244,000 in operating expenses during his first year in office, and returned $94,000 of his budget as savings to county taxpayers.

“At the end of my first year as Treasurer, I am proud of what my team has achieved,” Weber said, “We are leaner and more efficient. We have cut costs in ways that benefit both the public and the budget.”

“Rather than force my team to work harder, I want to know how we can make a process better or more efficient,” Weber said, “We’ve turned over a lot of tradition and habits as a result. In the end, we are working to make our office a model of innovation and creativity while protecting the money in our possession.”

“’Same as last year’ is not my motto,” Weber added, “We handle the people’s money dependably.”

Saving Taxpayer’s Money

Under Weber’s leadership, the Treasurer’s office looks for cost savings by evaluating improvements for suitability (Would it work?), feasibility (Can it be made to work?), and acceptability (Will it work?).

Here are three examples of how this approach worked.

  • Slashed Overtime – Weber introduced a “Four-Ten” work schedule where his staff works four, ten-hour days, and receives a fifth day off. Overtime fell 75% to a total of $1,806 in FY2011.
  • Aggressive Negotiation with Banks – Weber lowered the cost of the county’s banking relationship by leveraging the amount of money on deposit with local banks. The strategy eliminated $25,000 in fees while adding no-cost services such as Armored Car Service.
  • Creative Vendor Agreements – Weber reduced the cost of vendor agreements by $37,000 (44%) by cancelling or renegotiating contracts for a variety of services.

The Treasurer’s annual budget in 2011, set by the Will County Board, was $1.56-million.