**Beginning with the 2018 Levy Tax Sale in 2019 – All registrants MUST ALSO SUBMIT a completed W-9 form.  Please be advised we will accept only one registration per valid EIN number.

It is vitally important that first time tax buyers read the Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 35, Act 200, Article 21, Division 4. Annual Tax Sale Procedures or visit the Illinois General Assembly web page for Tax Sale information. Knowledge regarding procedures and statutory requirements is the tax buyer’s responsibility.

By Illinois Compiled Statues, the Will County Treasurer is required to sell any taxes that have not been paid in full for the current tax year. The Annual Tax Sale allows tax buyers to purchase tax lien certificates. This is NOT a direct sale of the property. Tax buyers bid on interest rates ranging from 0% to 18%, with the lowest bid winning the tax lien certificate. In the last several years, the average successful bids ranged from 0% to 4%. The interest rate increases on the tax buyer’s purchase amount every six months of the redemption period. This amount is only gained by the tax buyer if the owner or another financially interested party redeems the sale.

Beginning with the 2018 Levy tax sale we will now require all registration forms to be completed and submitted through our website. Complete and submit the Tax Buyer Registration Form (Available October 1, 2020), and a W-9 Form. You must submit a $500.00 deposit, cash or check made payable to “Will County Treasurer” to our office.  All buyers interested in obtaining a Delinquent Tax Sale list must also include a separate check made payable to the Will County Treasurer in the amount of $150.00; this fee is non-refundable.  Upon completing this application and making payment to the Will County Treasurer,  Joseph E. Meyer & Associates, Inc. will email the digital file with updates.  The deadline for valid registration is November 17, 2020, both the completed registration form and the $500.00 deposit must be in our office by 4:30 p.m..

Those registrants that do not notify the tax collector at least five (5) business days prior to the tax sale, or do not show up at the actual sale, will forfeit the $500.00 deposit.

A blank check must be submitted to the Treasurer’s Office cashier before bidding at the sale.  After sale is completed, the Treasurer’s Office staff will complete the check in the amount of purchase and a final purchase list will be emailed.

The Will County Collector’s Office utilizes RAMS™, an automated system that tracks bids and compiles data, to conduct the Tax Sale. Tax buyers may watch the Tax Sale video tutorial presented by RAMS™ auctions.

Lap top computers will be provided to each buyer. Please note that the Tax Sale is not an internet bid sale. Tax buyers must register and attend the sale to purchase tax certificates. This is a lien only sale. The parcels are offered in numeric order by township. Tax buyers bid on interest rates.

Bidding starts at an interest rate of 18%, and tax liens are sold to the first lowest bidder.  Any parcel not bid upon by a registered tax buyer will be purchased at 18% by the Will County as Trustee. After the Tax Sale, these certificates can be purchased from Will County Trustee. Some parcels from the Delinquent Parcel List may not be offered at the sale for any of the following reasons: paid by owner, bankruptcy, forfeiture, exempt, foreclosure, court orders, or other reasons required by law.  At the end of each day, reports of purchases will be available for each tax buyer in the Will County Treasurer’s Office.

Since final reports will not be e-mailed until the Tax Sale is balanced, it is highly recommended that tax buyers stay after the Tax Sale to receive their final purchase report.

All checks received at the Tax Sale will be deposited by the Will County Treasurer. If the deposit exceeds the amount purchased, the refund will be made after the sale has been completed and balanced.  Several weeks after the tax sale, a Sale’s Certificate will be issued by the Will County Clerk in the name of the registered tax buyer for each parcel/PIN purchased.  This Sale’s Certificate represents a lien against the property.  Please contact the Will County Clerk’s Office at (815) 724-1880 with any questions regarding your certificates.

**NEW THIS YEAR – DUE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC** Click Here for Payment of Subsequent Tax Information
Subsequent Taxes for Petition of Deed accepted on May 1, 2020.

Pursuant to Illinois Compiled Statutes (Ch. 200/21-355), tax buyers may pay unpaid taxes of a subsequently occurring tax sale (sub-tax) on any parcels they have purchased at a previous Will County tax sale and add the tax amount to their sale certificate. Statutorily, we may only accept sub-tax payments (1) after the second installment becomes delinquent or (2) after the holder of the certificate of purchase has filed a petition for tax deed with the Court. This office will not produce subsequent tax bills. It is the responsibility of the tax buyer to either request copies for a fee or go online and print copies of the bill. The cost to have this office produce copies of the bill will be $5.00 per bill. To print copies of the bill Click Here. Please note the indemnity fee will not be listed on the bill. There is a $30.00 indemnity/automation fee added to each property index number being paid. It is the tax buyer’s responsibility to check for prior year redemption on each property index number before submitting a sub-tax payment. It is the responsibility of the tax buyer to insure the sub-tax payment is posted by the Will County Clerk’s office. Please contact the Clerk’s office at (815) 724-1880 for more information. The date that your sub-tax payment is posted in our office will be used for computing penalty. On the first of each month, additional penalty of 1.5% per installment must be added to your payment.