Your opinions and comments are very important to us.  Please feel free to submit a survey directly from our website, which can be found at the bottom of the Home Page.  Or, after paying on-line, you’ll have the option to complete and submit the survey.  Thank you. Here are some of your comments:

“Awesome website….so glad I don’t have to run out and pay my taxes…I can do it from my own home, so convenient!”

“I use the website to look up and pay my taxes. The website is very efficient at accomplishing my goals. I have no suggestions to offer.”

“The website is great, I came to the website to pay the taxes and it showed me clearly what I wanted.”

OUR REPLY: Glad you like it! Will County Treasurer Steve Weber’s office is constantly looking for ways to improve convenience and customer service. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ll keep striving to make it even better.

“On the paper bill, identify the PIN number as such. Now it is only highlighted in orange without a label.”

“I had a little problem with the property number because my number wasn’t close to the sample number given.”

OUR REPLY: Each property index number in Will County is a unique set of 16 digits that identifies a specific, individual parcel of property. No two parcels numbers are the same. The sample number is only an example of the PIN number arrangement of digits as it appears on your bill ( XX-XX-XX-XXX-XXX-XXXX) to help you locate a similar set of numbers on your bill.

“It would be nice if you could confirm payment to my bank. I did receive a receipt but nice to know successfully completed.”

OUR REPLY: Your banking and/or credit card information is private and secure. We are not able to access the personal information you entered. The email you receive from our website confirms a completed transaction, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the entry nor the availability of funds. Many banks and credit cards have the ability to send email/text notifications to their customers when a transaction occurs.

“The property numbers on the tax documents that are emailed include hyphens, but the webpage requires no hyphens. It would be nice if the webpage either allowed hyphens or, the tax document did not include hyphens.”

OUR REPLY:  Thank you for the suggestion. We’re checking into whether this software can be adjusted.

“Thank you for making online tax payments so easy. Such a time saver!”

OUR REPLY:  Will County Treasurer Steve Weber’s office is always looking for ways to increase convenience and lower costs. Thanks for the comment!

“I put in my address for the home and not sure if I changed my address on my checking account to the P.O. box I use so … I’m hoping this goes through. I am unsure what Billing Address is on a checking account…”

OUR REPLY: If a payment is denied by the bank as “unable to identify” the bank account, we will send a notice to the email address provided by the customer.

“It would help some people if there was an info icon by the routing number box that explains where the routing number is shown on bank checks and also that it is a nine digit number.”

“Add the ability to set up the second installment payment on a date that can be scheduled automatically before you end the session.”

OUR REPLY: Thanks for the excellent suggestions! We’re looking into both of these and hope to have them available in the near future.

“I like the feature that makes you enter your account number twice to be sure you have entered it correctly. Thank you for offering this option. I have a VERY busy schedule and this helps enormously!”

OUR REPLY: Time is a precious commodity. Glad we could help.